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Services Available

Wellness Exams

Yearly examinations recommended for all pets, to include heart/lung auscultation, abdominal palpation, lymph node evaluation, evaluation of ears with an otoscope, evaluation of eyes with an ophthalmoscope, checking skin for lesions, teeth and gum evaluation, as well as evaluation of pet's joints and overall comfort level.


Spay & Neuter

Dog and cat only, internal sutures (no sutures on outside of skin), go home the same day of surgery with appropriate pain medications.


Emergency Care

Capability to triage and stabilize critical patients, but do not have the ability to provide over-night observation.  We recommend critically ill patients receive over-night/after-hours care at our local emergency veterinary clinic, Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Southwest Missouri, 400 S. Glenstone, Springfield, MO 65802, 417-890-1600.

Preventative Care

Life-style dependent vaccinations, adult profiles, senior profiles, heartworm testing, FeLV/FIV screening, fecal (parasite) screening.


Boarding Recommendation

We do not offer boarding services, but recommend Pampered Paws Pet Resort for your Doggy Daycare and other boarding needs (they board cats too!)


Grooming Recommendation 


We do not offer grooming services at our location, however we maintain a list of qualified groomers in the area. If you would like a recommendation of a good groomer in town just let us know!

For those interested in a mobile grooming service, we recommend Tangled Tails



Microfindr Companion Animal brand microchips, can be done on any size/age of dog or cat during their visit.

Dental Care

Complete dental prophies, extraction of teeth and gingival surgery also available.


X-rays can be performed while you wait.




Only soft-tissue surgeries provided, including but not limited to: mass/tumor removals, cystotomies and enucleations. For orthopedic surgeries we recommend the orthopedic surgeons at Bradford Park Veterinary Hospital or Hometown Veterinary Clinic.


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